FAQs, aka How it works?

1. Will I need a license? No. The Arkansas Enduro Series is not affiliated with any governing/licensing body.

2. How do I determine the category I should race?  Because enduro is new to this part of the country and requires a different skill/conditioning set than cross-country, we cannot rely upon the typical CAT1, 2, 3 system. 

An experienced XC racer may be a beginner at the enduro skill set and there will be numerous non-XC racers that will be advanced enduro skill set racers, thus the dilemma of categorizing those racers until after we have actual race data.

Once we have a few races we will be able to categorize riders properly and thus create a more wide spread category system. Unless you are a professional racer, select your Amateur age group.

3. Do I need a full face helmet and other protective padding/gear? They are not required, but recommended.

4. What kind of bike do I need? There will be climbing, so a downhill bike may not be ideal; there will be fast technical sections, so an XC bike isn't ideal, but a mid-travel (all-mountain) bike, that were actually designed for this type of riding/racing would be ideal. You can ride a hard tail and a single speed if you want. Equipment such as a dropper post, shorter stem, wider bars, flat (platform) type pedals and freestyle/flat pedal shoes are excellent choices for the typical enduro racer.

5. Will I need to carry all of my food and water, etc for a full days riding? Not necessarily. The Iron Mountain event will require that you spend over 3 hours on your bike, but the way that the stages are designed racers will be able to pass by their automobiles/main staging area two times during the day to replenish or make repairs. Many enduro events require that you carry everything due to the logistics or where the trails are located, but to make the racing experience more fun we try to eliminate the need to carry alot of extra gear and sustenance.

6. How many miles is the race? The 2015 enduro series events will be comprised of  4 stages per day. The total distance raced/timed will be varied by venues and stages.

7. Do categories race different distances and/or terrain? No, all categories, all racers race the exact same terrain and distance.

8. How do the stage starts work? Racers will be grouped by category, but allowed to start in any order within their category The racers will be spaced out between 60 seconds.

9. What if I miss my start time? The overall race cutoff time will be the only determining factor in whether a racer meets a cutoff. There will be no start time cutoffs per stage.

10. Can I start a stage before my prescribed time? Prescribed  start times will not be used for the Iron Mountain enduro race.

11. Can I change bikes for varying stage terrain/climbing, etc? No. In order to keep the sport as close to its grass roots intent as possible, racers will ride the same bike for all stages.

12. Can I get a map or details on the course in advance for practice? The course will be posted two days before the race after registration closes.  All participants will be emailed a course map and it will be posted on Facebook: Arkansas Enduro Series. The course will be marked the day before the race for a practice day. Although shuttling is not allowed for practice runs at most enduro events, we will not restrict the number of practice runs and shuttling. (Shutttles will not be provided).

13. What is the terrain like (how technical)? Are there ride arounds?  Ride arounds will only be provided if it is deemed that an obstacle is unsafe as designed. This is enduro, so be prepared for technically challenging terrain.  3 DOWN RED ARROWS will be posted for features that pose considerable risk, but the racer holds full responsibility to know the terrain, navigate, and possess the necessary skill to ride the course.

 If a racer cannot navitage a feature he/she needs to use good judgement and dismount. We do it this way to give the racers that have the appropriate equipment, skill, focus, and conditioning the advantage. 

14. Can I use neutral bike support during the race? Yes. The neutral bike support is there for racer use anytime before or during the race. Our perspective is that Enduro is about having a good combination of skills, fitness, and having the right equipment, not about being a good bike mechanic and having the ability to carry spare parts in your vehicle.


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